You bet I will, Will!

October 1, 2011

A hearty “Huzzah!” to Will County activists who took the common sense and fiscal responsibility of single payer straight to Will County’s board.

Argue with ’em if you think you can, but we don’t think you can.
Well done!


Strength, Strategy and Donna Smith

April 15, 2010

The fight continues in earnest for health care for all.

Activists from across the whole bleeding state of Illinois, including representatives from
PDA, CNA, Chi-SPAN, Champaign County Health Care Consumers and other members of the Illinois Single Payer Coalition gathered at Augustana Church in President Obama’s old Hyde Park neighborhood to talk about health care.
The consensus was:

We ain’t done yet!

We can do better and we can do more.

Specifically, to keep pushing hard for a single payer plan, like Medicare, improved and expanded to everyone. That’s the path to true health care parity. There is a heapin’ helping of piece of mind down that road and more and more Americans are taking up the fight to take the profit motive out of health care access.

We met a roomful of quality leaders and fighters that are more than up for the task.

Here are some snappy highlights with some big name cameo appearances, including Doc Young who recently wrote so eloquently at HuffPo

“Single-payer Medicare for All is the reform that’s required. Just like almost all other major areas of progress in American life, fundamental health reform requires a movement based on equity, justice, prudence and
science that is free of market greed. That movement today is single payer.”


Here is a great conversation with PDA Illinois Chair-Maestro Bill Bianchi and buddy Donna Smith that inspires great hope for the future of the single payer movement and shows the strength and insight of two friends from Chicago fighting for all of us.

Boy, did IMPs miss ya!

Now meet all the member organizations that made this meeting a success.

Rah indeed!

Access Living

Downstate Democrats for Change

Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)

National Nurses Organizing Commitee(NNOC)

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

OWL-National Older Women’s League

Progressive Democrats of America Illinois Chapter(PDA)

Chicago Single Payer Action Network

Health Care for All Illinois

Gray Panthers

AFSCME: American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees

APJ: Aurora Peace and Justice

APU: American Patients United

CAEC: Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign

CCHCC: Champaign County Health Care Consumers

ChiSPAN: Chicago Single-Payer Action

DP: Democratic Party

FVCPJ: Fox Valley Citizens for Peace and Justice

HC-N: Healthcare-Now

IMM: Illinois Media Progressives (Hi!)

IGP: Illinois Green Party

ISPC: Illinois Single-Payer Coalition

JASC: Jane Addams Senior Caucus

LC: Longhouse Coalition

NAARPO: National Alliance Against Racism and Political Oppression

NNOC/CAN/NNU: National Nurses Organizing Committee/California Nurses Association/National Nurses Union

PDA: Progressive Democrats of America

SADA: Springfield Area Disability Activists

Ain’t it grand to have so many friends!

Zen Master Larry

December 22, 2009

From Donna Smith:
“Larry says it feels a little like healthcare reform.”

“The path looks promising at first (maybe the mail came) but then it leads to nothing but retreat and defeat.
This is what our ice and snow look like in Maryland this morning.
Larry wanted me to share his thoughts and his photo.”

IMPs remembers before the snow fell, when no one dared even speak the words “single payer” much less on the Senate floor; when no one in Washington could even imagine protesting physicians, nurses and activists arrested at the Capitol and a Senator calling for more police, and when the American public still believed its elected officials represented their interests before those of corporations.

We’ve all learned quite a bit this year.

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Chicago “Cigna 7”: Arrest This

October 8, 2009

Seven members of various Chicago single payer groups put their butts on the line this morning by placing them firmly on the floor of the Chicago Cigna headquarters lobby, and refused to remove them until the Chicago police did it for them.

Apparently word hadn’t reached them that Senator Max had taken single payer off the table, or more likely it had, and they don’t rightfully give a good goddam what Max says.
Or anyone that insists for-profit health care financing is anything but a moral, ethical and fiscal abomination.

Representing the Illinois Single Payer Coalition, the Chicago Single Payer Action Network, Progressive Democrats of America and Physicians for a National Health Care Program, the Cigna 7 were taken into custody by the Chicago police late this morning.

Here’s what it looked like:

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Chicago’s Congress Crashing Weekend with the Mad as Hell Doctors

September 29, 2009

Chicago got them for a whole weekend!
First stop-SK Tools picket line and then a jam packed reception at Joey’s Brickhouse with the Progressive Democrats of America.

These Mad as Hell Docs are barreling down on D.C. with the momentum of thousands of supporters who have heard the doctor’s message loud and clear: Single payer now!
State by state, hundreds of people have gathered to share their stories with the doctors and joined the movement in spirit and sedans.

Here are some highlights from Joey’s…More to come on this Congress Crashing Eve!
Roll on Docs!

All the best!

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Apple with a capital “D”

September 27, 2009

File this one under “Corporate Culture Under-estimates PR Backlash from Really Dumb Move”.

PALO ALTO, CA –Apple, Inc. has censored an iPhone application promoting health insurance reform in the United States.

Single payer or pub opt supporter- doesn’t matter, this move is just dumb.
From the app’s creator:

iSinglePayer, an iPhone application that advocates for single-payer health care reform was rejected from the App Store by Apple because it is “politically charged.” The application displays charts and bullet points about single-payer health care systems, and it allows users to call members of congress. iSinglePayer even calculates your local congressperson using GPS, and displays the amount of money donated to each congressperson from the health sector.

The application was submitted on August 21 and rejected on September 26, more than five weeks after it was submitted. Most applications take 10-14 days to approve. The rejection was made over the phone by a representative from Apple. The representative explained that the application was “politically charged” and was rejected for this reason.

Apple informed Floatopian (which is pretty much just me) that iSinglePayer was rejected in part because it was the product of a lone developer. There are applications developed for particular political candidates, like the official Obama application, but since those have the official support of a politician they are acceptable. When a single developer wants to voice his opinions, Apple censors it.

This one just pegged my dumb-o-meter, and it’s already inspired a physician backlash, from the Mad as Hell docs that Ellen of the Tenth wrote of this morning:

Leaving Chicago on our way to Toledo. Can’t believe the black out of Single Payer on all levels. The dark clouds thicken as we head closer to corporate occupied territory. Please go to your nearest Apple store and tie a white ribbon on it. They have censored our movement and shown a new side to their business.

Think different indeed.

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Mad as Hell Doctors Keep it Simple.

September 14, 2009

What a revelation, by Senator George McGovern. Apparently, his simple wisdom has prompted a nationwide “slapping of the head”, by gum.

It’s simple. Medicare for all.”

That’s the message the Mad as Hell Doctors are bringing to Chicago on Sept. 26th, and to Congress on September 30, and to President Obama, if you keep calling and emailing.

Our home town hero Dr. Quentin Young will be joining the Mad Docs, along with single payer supporters from across the state, Saturday Sept 26th at the UIC College of Pharmacy, 833 S Wood St. Chicago to meet the doctors LIVE!
Go to to let ’em know you’ll be there too.

And we’re all gonna holler, “It’s simple. Medicare for all!”

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