Backpedaling for Bad Policy

September 16, 2009

IMP friend Ellen of the Tenth speaks on the slow semantic walk away from organizational support of the public option, as the administration continues its quest for a ‘political victory’, (or at least something they can spin as such) over any substantive policy progress.

I pointed out a few days ago that our local HCAN dropped mention of the public option from their last call for volunteers. Scroll down for that. If you’ve read any of my HCAN saga here, you’ll remember that they shared the passion with OFA, not against those trying to kill reform, but against people like me who want reform very badly because we were going too far and might not please the Chamber of Commerce crowd.

And she also quotes her cousin, the esteemed Dr. David Gill, Congressional candidate (IL-15), in his response to the President’s speech:

He might as well have stood strong & tall with Single Payer–the venom from the Right would have been just the same, but he would have been forcefully supported by those who voted for him, believed in him, and worked so hard to win the day in November 2008.

The path he’s taken has robbed his supporters of so much of their passion; in trying to please all, he seems to be pleasing so few.

And so Ellen of the Tenth becomes Master of the Obvious Du Jour and ponders,

I can’t decide if OFA and HCAN got played or if they are they ones playing us.

Dr. David Gill will be joining the Mad as Hell Doctors, IL Rep. Mary Flowers and Dr. Quentin Young, Friday, September 25th, for a Progressive Democrats of America fundraiser/reception at Joey’s Brickhouse.
Hear the good Doctor speak and meet the Mad Docs.
More info at PDA Chicago.

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