“Full of sound and fury…”

…but ultimately, it would seem, signifying bupkis.

So goes the threat by the Democratic party leaders to revoke the insurance industry’s anti-trust exemption, as reported by HuffPo.
Given the lackluster negotiating skills displayed so far (as evidenced by the current House bill) we can and should expect any tough talk of revoking the industry’s “special rights” to evaporate like an evening mist on a trucker’s overheated windshield, as the present House bill provision is ground into the pavement like an unfortunate squirrel.

Seems like maybe Sen. Harry Reid might be playing Sen. Ben Nelson who seems to be playing Harry, as they both play their fiddles.
And what’s left? A U.S. Senator duking it out with AHIP spokescreature Robert Zirkelbach for the “Tragic Ironist Du Jour” award.

Sen. Nelson, as reported:

Nelson argues that repealing the exemption wouldn’t hurt the big insurers because they’re already so big they don’t need to collude with each other. Repealing it, he argues, would only hurt the little guys.

And Mr. Zirkelbach:

The focus on this issue is a political ploy designed to distract attention away from the real issue of rising health care costs,”



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