Apple with a capital “D”

File this one under “Corporate Culture Under-estimates PR Backlash from Really Dumb Move”.

PALO ALTO, CA –Apple, Inc. has censored an iPhone application promoting health insurance reform in the United States.

Single payer or pub opt supporter- doesn’t matter, this move is just dumb.
From the app’s creator:

iSinglePayer, an iPhone application that advocates for single-payer health care reform was rejected from the App Store by Apple because it is “politically charged.” The application displays charts and bullet points about single-payer health care systems, and it allows users to call members of congress. iSinglePayer even calculates your local congressperson using GPS, and displays the amount of money donated to each congressperson from the health sector.

The application was submitted on August 21 and rejected on September 26, more than five weeks after it was submitted. Most applications take 10-14 days to approve. The rejection was made over the phone by a representative from Apple. The representative explained that the application was “politically charged” and was rejected for this reason.

Apple informed Floatopian (which is pretty much just me) that iSinglePayer was rejected in part because it was the product of a lone developer. There are applications developed for particular political candidates, like the official Obama application, but since those have the official support of a politician they are acceptable. When a single developer wants to voice his opinions, Apple censors it.

This one just pegged my dumb-o-meter, and it’s already inspired a physician backlash, from the Mad as Hell docs that Ellen of the Tenth wrote of this morning:

Leaving Chicago on our way to Toledo. Can’t believe the black out of Single Payer on all levels. The dark clouds thicken as we head closer to corporate occupied territory. Please go to your nearest Apple store and tie a white ribbon on it. They have censored our movement and shown a new side to their business.

Think different indeed.

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One Response to Apple with a capital “D”

  1. austin says:

    could be the most idiotic article I have ever read

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