Tie a White Ribbon on your dog’s Weiner Amendment.

Just tie white ribbon somewhere!
Show your support for single payer.
Rep. Anthony Weiner gets it.
Tear down the idea of “cost control” and replace it with “sustainability”.
Improved and expanded Medicare for all.

Our friend Nick always said that when activists hold fast to their principles, they find that what was politically infeasible a week, or a month or a year ago suddenly becomes feasible.
Moments of great social change never start with compromise.
We’ve seen in the recent weeks what happens when you start backpedaling.

If it takes a group of Oregon Doctors in a Winnebago speaking, lobbying and tying white ribbons everywhere, then more (of our) power to them.

Dr. Margaret Flowers joined up with the doctors recently and added her voice to the growing choir.
Doctors are Mad As Hell at the insurance industry consistently preventing them from doing their job.
Their job is life and death.
They want to take care of us, and they do not like it when industry bureaucrats step in and tell them “No you can’t.”
It’s about care, not currency.

Dr. Flowers, we bow to your sincerity and will follow your lead to tie Congress down to real reform.

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