Ah, Sweet, Sweet Cognitive Dissonance

Brought to you this week by RNC Chair Michael Steele.

Late last night, IMPs opened a bottle of 100 proof and decided to watch Michael on FOX riffing on the “Senior Bill of Frights” that emerged Monday, and it wasn’t the barrel aged libations that made our heads spin.

If you choose to watch, hang on to something, ideally your lunch.

Mr. Steele opened by stating that Medicare, “a program our seniors have come to rely on” will remain “largely intact”.
The FOX spokesmodel then chimed in, referring to the “first tenant” (really, tenant!) of the Bill of Frights, protect Medicare.

Cut to Rep. Anthony Weiner, who’s been slicing through the hypocritical right wing gobbledy goo like a diesel-powered comb through the ghost of Ronald Reagan’s hair, citing the 40% of all our tax dollars that presently go to either a single payer system (Medicare, Medicaid) or (gasp!) honest to gawd socialized medicine (V.A.).

Rep. Weiner then wins the Master of the Obvious Award for the week, when he states that if the Republicans don’t want to cut Medicare, they’re supporting a single payer system.
When Michael’s patronizing chuckles wind down, he states that,

“this single payer program known as Medicare is a very good example of what we should not have happen with all of our health care…Government cannot run a health care system, trust the private markets to do it the right way.”

In summary…
Perhaps the most popular and efficient health care system in our country, Medicare, defended by seniors who will take to the streets to protect it, is completely inefficient, and we should instead trust the private market to “do it the right way”. Which, in turn, is exactly why we need to protect Medicare for the continued care of our seniors.
Got it?
We didn’t, we tried, we gave up, and ended up watching this.
It’s kind of the same bit, but actually funny.

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