The Disenchantment of Youth

Ah, the yoots!
Often called the “tech-savvy” base that were so full of vim and vigor, and totally jazzed about politics and our stylin’ new President that the whole world actually LIKED.
Now, not so much with the enthusiasm.
It’s like they’ve just learned there is no Santy Claus.
Can he win them back with a brand new shiny health care package under the tree? Something that provides care to every American, regardless of age?

We’ve seen the scramble for the support of seniors. Most recently pandered to in the “Senior Bill of Frights” the GOP put out yesterday but it seems that when you try to shore up one crumbling avenue, somewhere a bridge is falling down.

According to the AP, the health care fight is leaving some of the younger supporters of President Obama a bit left out in the cold. They feel ignored during the screaming match about “death panels” as they wonder what happened to the dialogue about comprehensive care for all. They don’t want to hear about political jockeying and bipartisan badminton. They want to know what the future will bring for themselves and their families. That’s why they voted. Many, for the first time.

Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who has researched the youth vote said “to bring these voters back, Obama needs to draw on his own personal popularity and make the health care debate about him, rather than allow it to seem like a mishmash of legislation coming out of Capitol Hill.
“He hasn’t said yet, ‘This is my plan. The opponents are trying to take my plan away from me,'” Lake said.

The relationships he built with the youth of this country that mobilized on the ground for him and tweety-faced till dawn, deserve some honest discussion about their future.

After all, they’re the generation that’ll be taking care of our decrepit rear ends.

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