I was for you speaking before I was against it.

In another episode of what seems to be increasingly common,
(I’m thinking of you, Dr. David Scheiner) David Swanson details
his dis-invitation from what started out as a hybrid single payer/public option rally.

Proving that any and all health care hybrids seem to follow the Medicare Advantage Plan model, David learned the hard way after getting his announcement approved by the local AFSCME organizers:

Join us at the pavilion near City Hall with three demands:
-Vote Yes on the Weiner amendment for single-payer healthcare.
-Keep the Kucinich amendment for states’ right to single-payer in the bill.
-Include a strong immediate public option.

Now IMPs has had a few opportunities to hang with the esteemed
Mr. Swanson, most recently in D.C. with PDA leader Tim Carpenter during morning lobbying sessions in Congress prior to Medicare’s b-day rally, and we know if nicked by his razor, single payer will flow from his capillaries. So why take part in a pub opt rally?

I knew that AFSCME would only want to rally for the “public option” but I also knew that coalitions can create larger rallies if they include all appropriate allies. So I drafted the following announcement with three demands in it for the event and asked AFSCME to approve it

And approve it they did, and it was e-blasted far and wide, and all the smiling activists sang themselves to sleep. Errr, umm…

But come Sunday night we were all disinvited: anyone who had ever been a supporter of single-payer. We were told that single-payer could not be mentioned at the rally, and that only the public option could be discussed. Or, rather, this was the new list of demands: “public option, no taxation of benefits (especially for the middle class), and shared responsibility.” No joke. “Shared responsibility.”

Shared responsibility, of course, is double plus-good speak for individual mandates, something many pub opt supporters are not even aware is integral to any ‘reform’.

David places the responsibility for this censorship squarely where it belongs:

No, the orders come down from the Democrats. So people are being organized to rally Democrats in Congress to do what the Democrats in Congress have already approved being asked to do.

Blech. These are going to be some interesting mid-terms…

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