“It’s counterproductive to keep talking about it.”

says PhRMA President W.J. “Billy” Tauzin, aka Mr. Credibility, on the Deal with the Devil du Jour, in today’s L.A. Times, of the White House deal with drug manufacturers.

No big surprises- a whopping 50% donut-hole discount, no gubbermint negotiations on prices, and $150 million of PhRMA public pablum to look forward to.

Toot toot.

Here’s some discussion on MSNBC:
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2 Responses to “It’s counterproductive to keep talking about it.”

  1. Philosopher says:

    So much debate is going on pointing out how bad the collectivist approach of the Obama/Democrats will be for our health care, but where is the advocacy of a workable solution?

    Here is a brief outline of where we need to go with US health care:

    The Modern Health Care Solution

    We need to reset our health care system back to a free-market, patient-driven system. Every other successful part of our society runs this way- why not our health care for goodness sake?! We need:

    1. Market-based pricing of health care. We need medical Care/Service/Procedures priced up front like everything else in our society- not the price/cost black-boxes of today’s employer and government-subsidized health care.

    2. Minute-clinics and similar no-appointment, transparently-priced clinics are going in the right direction of delivering this concept:

    3. Just like with the fair, portability of pre-tax 401k’s, we need fair, portable pre-tax health savings accounts for everyone to save their own money over time, make their own decisions on health care, and pay it with their own money.

    4. Make health care ‘insurance’ back into actual insurance. Couple health savings accounts with high-deductible catastrophic health insurance policies that people buy like they do for life insurance or car insurance.

    The above approach gives everyone the access, proper control, and choice over their health- not the opposite helplessness dictated by some far away, faceless bureaucrat.

    • ilprog says:

      Well, first of all, the free market has been tried and found tragically lacking.
      We’re 37th in the world and spend twice as much per capita on health care than any other western industrialized nation.
      None of the leading countries allow for-profit financing of their health care.
      It is health insurers raison d’etre to maximize their profits, and the only way to do this is to limit/deny care.
      Kinda a conflict of interest, no?

      And as to choice, a single payer system guarantees medical decisions will be between you and your doctor,
      as you will have the choice of any doctor, something which is abhorrent to private for-profit insurance schemes.
      Presently insurance bureaucrats practice medicine without a license as they deny and limit medically necessary procedures.
      And your ‘solution’ will only reinforce our present class-tiered health care system, which is a moral and ethical abomination.

      And are you really in favor of the free market profiting off the illness of your fellow American citizens?
      I suppose you’re also in favor of eliminating Medicare then, but perhaps that will re-open the market for elderly poor houses.
      Why do you so quickly abrogate your right as a citizen when it comes to deciding which markets may operate for-profit?

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