Giving Health Care the Business

It’s vacation season for some.  But travel being as complicated, annoying and wallet sucking as it is, people want a lot of bang for the buck.

Take a trip to the Capitol, and you’ll see more than a few statues and hallowed halls.  You’ll see a phalanx of health industry lobbyists.

More health industry CEO’s are visiting the nation’s capital to discuss health care reform than doctors or nurses.   One thing seems clear; they are not tourists.  They have a vested interest in what constitutes  ‘change’

Corporations are making our health care decisions for us.

“Among the more than dozen executives identified as weighing in with presidential advisers on health care during February were Richard Umbdenstock, president of the American Hospital Association; Billy Tauzin, the former congressman who heads the drug lobby PhRMA; Angela Braly, chief executive of WellPoint Inc.; and Jay Gellert, chief executive of Health Net Inc.”

They’ve spent over $2 million since the beginning of 2009 to sustain a status quo that is keeping us from fulfilling our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness-
happiness for us, being four walls and a roof.


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